Mission / Vision

Our Vision in the Lumber Industry

VAB Solutions innovates and sets itself apart from its competitors by positioning itself as A KEY PARTNER TOWARDS INCREASED PROFITABILITY for its customers. How? Through its important investments in Research and Development and its unsurpassed customer service.

R&D and New Technology: The introduction of new technologies requires a good knowledge of the technology itself, especially a good knowledge of the engineering design process. VAB Solutions helps companies realize important projects, offering an innovative and significant ROI. Since 2006, VAB Solutions invests yearly significant amount in Research and Development. Our solutions are more efficient and less expensive than our competition.

The technology solutions offered by VAB Solutions come with a unique price over value ratio.  Comparing our solutions with those of our competitors, you will find that VAB offers a wide range of value added products at best prices.

Customer Service: VAB Solutions emphasizes on a personal relationship with its clients to meet their requirements for customer satisfaction. VAB's team is committed to support the staff and the mill equipment of its business partners in order to maximize their productivity;