The company

Created in 2004, VAB Solutions Inc. is a partnership between Marc Voyer eng. and Jean Berube eng., both former directors at Optifor Inc., first provider of lineal grading optimizers for planer mills in North America.  The mission of VAB Solutions Inc. is to develop, manufacture, sell and commission vision instruments for the forest industry using the latest technology. Achieving outstanding performance and offering a fair and competitive price are top priorities.  The key feature of VAB Solutions Inc. line of products is the Lumber Grading Optimizer for planer mills. With 36 installations as of October 2017, its performance and simplicity to operate is accounting for its solid reputation across Canada.  Headquartered in Levis on the South Shore of Quebec City, VAB Solutions Inc. delivers solutions in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, Western Canada and Southeastern USA.

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Wolftek Industries Authorized agent representing VAB Solutions in Western Canada

Baxley Equipment Authorized agent representing VAB Solutions in United States

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Exclusif distributor for Brookhuis products in Canada