Dynamic weight sorter DWS

The Dynamic Weight Sorter System is the perfect tool to improve operational efficiency of wood drying at lower cost:
  • A study by FPInnovations, shows that sorting by weight is a simple method of improving efficiency in drying;
  • Easy to evaluate your ROI with the OASIS Program;
  • Decreases drying time by 10% to 15%;
  • Increases drying quality and reduces its over-drying;
  • The only system that analyzes the very green and frozen wood;
  • Reliable, low maintenance system;
  • Easy to install in a weekend;
  • Simple calibration done in minutes;
  • Minimizes drying defects such as warp, checks and dimensional variations;
  • Computer with touch screen user friendly Interface;
  • Allows wood in heavy category to benefit from a period of air drying before entering the kiln.

Simple, affordable and no maintenance required.


The Dynamic Weight Sorter system is specially designed to perform an efficient sorting based on density (thus water content), prior to the kiln operation, for any type of lumber. The system is installed close coupled to the trimmer and upstream of the tray or bin sorter in the sawmill. The system’s weighing units enable to measure the weight of every piece of green lumber in order to obtain its volumetric mass.

The volumetric mass calculus requires dimensional characteristics of the green lumber (thickness, width and length) , provided usually by the mill’s plc or by external optional sensors.Sorting is thus realized based on the volumetric mass data, and every piece is categorized as light, medium and heavy. (Other sorting category can be created if necessary) Finally, Return on Investment starts at day one by adapting kiln schedules and a noticeable uplift of the dressed lumber quality.

  • Power supply : 120 VAC
  • Width processed : 1x3 @ 1x6; 2x3 @ 2x10; 3x3 and 4x4
  • Length processed : 4 @ 20 feet
  • Maximum speed : 240 pieces/minute
  • PLC interface : Swithed outputs AC/DC and 4@20 mA
  • Maximum classes : 3
  • Friendly statistical module;
  • Computer with friendly touch screen (GUI).
Download the technical specifications (PDF)