Ring Analyser

The Ring Analyser is a unique vision system to VAB Solutions that inscreases the Dense Selected Structural (DSS) grade production. The DSS is more stable and it is structurally the strongest grade of lumber for SYP. Grade more DSS Lumber, a high value grade.

The ring analyser can also be used for different type of Pine wood such as the Radiata Pine.


  • Ring numbering by camera acquisition
  • Proprietary Software
  • Increases de Dense Selected Structural (DSS) grade production
  • Precise Pith Localization
  • Lug Loader mistakes detection (two boards in the same lug...)
  • Small footprint and stand-alone system
  • No Maintenance
  • ROI in several weeks....
  • Camera encapsulated in a dustproof housing
  • Input Power: 90/264 VAC (47/440Hz)
  • Line Speed: 250 lugs/min max
  • Communication Port : Ethernet IP
  • Led ligths
  • Compact system
  • Easy and simple integration
  • No maintenance