Transverse MSR Grader (TMG)

VAB Solutions offers you the most accurate direct MSR Grader system in the industry, The TMG. This transverse installation can be easily integrated in all planer mills. Robustly designed and assembled with high quality components, it is renowned for being one of the most reliable equipment in the industry. The stability and precision of the readings by the TMG, guarantees the highest MSR production volumes




What they say in the Industry about the TMG

  • "is an example of reliability, my TMG operates for more than 15 years"
  • "is the reference in terms of productivity displaying R² coefficient of more than 0.85"
  • "allows planer mills to maximize their MSR wood production"
  • "evaluates mechanically and actually the modulus of elasticity of the parts"
  • "guarantees a quality of production for the secondary processing industry"
  • "guarantees a stable production over time regardless of the variations of the resource"
  • "ensures to the planer mills a level of production MSR that is constant and in control"
  • "assures predictability of MSR timber production yields"


• Boards dimension can be classified: 2 x 3 to 2 x 6 and more
• Boards can be classified by lengths :  5 to 16 feet and more 
• Modular mechanical system adaptable to the production line
• Capacity to process 3 MSR classes simultaneously
• Capacity to classify in Cut-in-Two mode
• Capacity to categorize at a maximum rate of 240 ppm
• "Allen Bradley" programmed operation software
• No moving parts
• Friction surface with a "Melonite" type finish
• Transfer Chain: Model 81 XHD
• Accredited CLSAB and ALS

Download the technical specifications (PDF)